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Omahype, Trim, & Flexxive

Oh my!

by Jerod on February 15, 2013

Here’s a quick update on a few super cool projects we’ve been working on lately.


Omahype is a curated events calendar helping to foster art and culture in Omaha and the surrounding areas.

Object Lateral helped the Omahype team develop the site’s 3rd version, which is a custom CMS centered around event submission, approval, and display.

Omahype Pic

If you’re wondering how Omahype got its unique design, it’s because Cody Peterson of ObjectLateral.com fame (kidding) is the site’s designer and primary developer.


Trim was one of the original URL Shorteners on the web. Unfortunately, it collapsed under its own weight and has been offline for a few years.

Trim Pic

With Object Lateral’s help, Trim has been resurrected and shortens links once again.


Flexxive is a new offering from Bellevue University. Object Lateral played support to Secret Penguin on the interactive microsite they designed to promote the degree.

Flexxive Pic

There’s not much credit for us to take on this one. Secret Penguin dreamed it up and did the majority of the work.

We were just happy to help make that dream a reality, and one that doesn’t bog down peoples’ computers too much ;)